Summer’s coming!

Summer finally seem to be around the corner, and being a Norwegian I did not for a second hesitate to rush down to the beach and absorb some rays and vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for calcium to be taken up in the body and utilized (read more in the vitamins and minerals section). Although the temperatures were only creeping just over the 20-mark, being out in the sun I could actually feel the need for hydration.


Watermelon and coconut water are known to be two of the best ways to rehydrate. They are found to be more easily absorbed by the body than water. Coconut water is the same thickness as blood, and when chewing watermelon, it is mixed with saliva and therefore more easily taken up in the system.


watermelon 2


coconut 2


After a couple of hours in the sun and a rather refreshing swim, I was ready to withdraw from the beach. Sun and salt really dries your skin out, but applying aloe vera and apple cider vinegar helps the recovery.  Apple cider vinegar is good if you are sunburnt as the skin needs to restore its chemical balance which will speed up the healing process. Make sure the vinegar is aged in wooden containers   ★