Big Day of Fundraising

Two Fundraising Events in One Day

On Friday, Loud Shirt Day Australia encouraged people to wear colourful shirts to raise money and awareness for deaf children. On the same day, Candi’s Girls Night Out fundraiser was on. This was for a girl, who tragically fell off a balcony some years ago, and whose life will never be normal again. Her family arranged an amazing event to raise money towards her treatments.

Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Day is an annual event where organizations and businesses can register  to take part in raising money for deaf children in the country. My workplace took part of this and made a contribution to the cause. The ladies arranged a morning tea and I brought wholemeal Focaccia Bread – as my green smoothies and raw food probably wouldn’t go down too well (will upload recipe for the bread soon). We were dressed up in our brightest clothing and at the end of the day  the winner of the loudest shirt was announced.


fundraising 4

fundraising 2

fundraising 3

Candi’s Fundraiser

The Girl’s Night Out was really well organized and a great success.  The event was arranged to raise money for Candi’s treatments. Her family is aiming for a holistic approach and arranging for her to take part in three programs; for her brain, her heart and her body. For her head, she will begin treatment at “The Institute of Functional Neuroscience”, for her heart she will get treatment from “The Remede Centre”, and “Walk On” will provide treatment for her body.

Girl’s Night Out

We received bubbles upon arrival by some rugby players that were our waiters for the evening. Candi’s sister and mother held a speech and told Candi’s story before the food was being served. They had arranged a silent auction where you could put your name down for personal training, super foods, skin care and lots of other awesome stuff. My friend actually won 3 of the packages only to realize that adding them up got rather expensive. At least it was for a good cause. A draw for a diamond necklace worth $5,000 was also arranged. When we left we received a goodie bag full of little treats.

fundraising 5

Big Day

After a whole day of fundraising I was ready to go home and get some sleep. Candi’s fundraiser only lasted until 9pm, but I as absolutely shot to bits by the end of it.

If you are interested in any of the events, I have posted Loud Shirt Day’s website below, and will try and find the blog to follow Candi’s treatments. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! ★