After-Work Run in the Park

Calming, Cleansing & Revitalizing

It’s something about a run in the park after a long and stressful day at work. The sound of birds, smell of the grass and fresh leafs, and a gentle breeze on the skin. Green has a calming effect on us, which makes the park an excellent place to recover from a day of stress.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by several great parks, and try to go for walks, runs and fitness sessions as often as I can. Also, I don’t have a gym membership as I enjoy exercising outdoors no matter what the weather gets up to. Dropping into a gym for a class or to use some of the equipment is good for changing it up. However, the park is a great place to take some weights and boxing equipment for a session.



Before I came to Australia, I didn’t know that black swans even excised, but here I see them quite often. They’re beautiful things, but not by any means less aggressive than the white ones. I enjoy the wildlife in parks and always take time to stop and look if something catches my attention. After a workout and a round of stretching it’s nice to sit down to breathe and absorb the goodness. Tomorrow’s stress and concerns will come soon enough, so better appreciate the peace while I can   ★