The Greatest Luxury is to be Healthy

What people have to understand is that healing the body naturally (and thoroughly) takes time! But then it also stays healthy for longer because it is now stronger for next time it comes in contact with a virus or a disease. However, nutritional intake needs to be maintained.  It’s just like losing weight – if you lose it fast with a “wonder-diet” and then go back to your normal ways, you WILL regain weight. Same with exercise; you can build muscle and get fit, but if you don’t maintain it, the muscles will disappear and turn into fat. The body is a living organism and needs continuous maintenance in order to stay at its peak.

I am always using reliable sources for all the information I post on my blog

logoThere is a lot of great information on nutrition and health available on the Internet, but it takes a lot of time to find it all. This website was created to put everything easily and available in one spot. I wanted to create a platform with information that is easy to find, understand and hopefully spark the readers’ interest in health. I have a keen interest for everything concerning nutrition, fitness and healing and therefore spend hours everyday reading up on a wide range of information. Instead of just keeping the information I find as my personal notes, I decided to create this website so that I can share all this helpful information with everyone that is interested.

Instead of just keeping the information I find as my personal notes, I decided to create this website so I could share it

These days most people swear by traditional medicine. I like to be preventive by building my immune system and maintain a strong body rather than getting drugs to fix the symptoms. If I do get symptoms and develop illness, naturopathy is my personal favourite as it uses so many treatments and takes a wide range of factors into consideration when working on the root cause. The good thing about using food, herbs, plants and other alternative medicine to stay healthy is that the side effects are next to none. Medications, as we know, often come with a long list of side effects and some, if used rather frequently, can result in long term damage to the body.

There are only two reasons for disease: deficiency and toxicity – Charlotte Gerson

Alternative medicine has long been regarded as hocus pocus , almost a bit secretive. These days more and more people come to realise that it is all about understanding the body better. Work off what the body needs in order to stay healthy and use its own immune system to fight off disease. We are built up by cells; what do they need to function properly? What do our organs need to do their job? If your liver is not functioning properly you will have difficulties getting rid of the toxins in the body and therefor crate a poisonous environment, which then is likely to result in disease. Having a condition or symptom is generally a sign of deficiency in nutrients or toxicity built up in the body. What can you do to minimize the toxicity in your body? Just think about it; almost everything we get in contact with contains chemicals (hand & body wash, shampoo, moisturizers, creams, makeup, deodorants, perfume, toothpaste, detergent etc.). Choose natural and organic solutions to reduce the toxins absorbed through your skin. . In the Health-section under Beauty you can find good suggestions on what to avoid and what to choose.  What can you do to make sure your cells and organs get the nutrients it needs? What do they need to do their job and function properly so that you stay strong and healthy? Under Diseases and Remedies a range of symptoms and conditions are being addressed to give you insight on what your body might need to get back in balance. I have found that having a highly nutritious diet and regular exercise leads to improved physical, mental and spiritual development and therefore chose to live by that.

If you wouldn’t eat it – don’t put it on your skin or in your mouth

About Me

I am a 23 years old Norwegian girl living in Australia. I have a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Due to my grandmother’s knowledge and enthusiasm around nutrition and healing I developed a strong interest for this early on. My nana wanted to study nature medicine, but with many children this was challenging. I want to continue where she stopped and through this blog spread awareness. I have not done any formal education in nutrition or alternative medicine, but have for more than a decade looked into information and research as a hobby. In this blog I state my own opinions on this topic, but I take no responsibility as to what each individual takes from it (please rad the Disclaimer further down on this page). I have always been interested in nutrition and how to improve my life and wellbeing through lifestyle. In recent years my interest for nutrition, exercise and alternative medicine has grown exponentially because people I care for have various conditions that greatly affect their wellbeing (see the Charity (CF)-section for more info).  I try to actively be involved in local events promoting a healthy lifestyle.  In 2010 and 2012 I did the HBF Run for a Reason [14 km] where I raised money for Cystic Fibrosis. In 2012 my group in the Entrepreneurship unit competition came 3rd with a health food service. Furthermore, in the 2012 Perth Start-up Weekend challenge my group won with a gift service.  This month I am looking to do Tough Mudder [21 km] to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

My mission is to help people access information that may help them improve their lifestyle and consequently their health.


Although I have knowledge in this field, I am not a certified nutritionist and do not have a formal degree in alternative medicine. Therefore, this website and blog should only be used as a guide. I take no responsibility for each individual person’s use and implementation of the information provided.  However, in order to create the best information as possible, everything I post is only taken from reliable websites, publications and journals. Every post and news update I publish contains links to the source so that the reader can chase it back and evaluate the credibility of the information themselves.

In this blog I am stating my own preferences and choices in regards to how I go about maintaining my own health – without taking on any responsibility on what people chose to do with this information.I do not suggest that one diet or treatment is better than another – this is a highly individual matter. Neither do I discourage going to your doctor for consultations or medications. Traditional medicine has come a long way and you should always consult with your GP in regards to your health issues.